“The Walking Dead” Needs to Get it Together

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Did you watch Episode 3 of The Walking Dead? I had high hopes for “Monsters” since last week was a bit of a snooze-fest but, alas, I came away disappointed again.

The Walking Dead "Monsters"


First of all, enough with the freaking speeches, okay? Yes, we get it. The Saviors have the numbers but we’ve got strategy and heart, right!? Ugh. How many times can we begin and end an episode the same exact way before we become exhausted? I’ll tell you how many – three episodes. I’m officially spent.

Something else I’m tired of? The banter between Jesus and Morgan. Look, I get that no one wants to lose their grip on humanity by murdering other living humans but come on, now.

Morgan, who had previously taken a vow to “do no harm,” has turned into a killing machine and, you know what? In this particular situation, he’s right. You can’t take the Saviors as hostages and Jesus is a complete moron for defending them. Here’s why:

  • The “prisoners” are witnessing the discord in the ranks between these two men and they will exploit it.
  • They don’t have the food or resources to feed a bunch of prisoners! Come on!
  • This is a big group of men. As soon as they have the chance, they will turn on them. It’s a dog-eat-dog world. You gotta survive by any means.

The one bright spot was the conversation between Rick and Morales, who named off a bunch of people who have been long dead – Lori, Shane, Andrea… He looks at Rick, his former friend, and says, “we’re not the same guys we used to be; you’re a monster.” Yup, you could say that.

He also claims that Negan told them to avoid killing Rick, Maggie, and Ezekiel. Yet, it’s clear that his allegiance remains with the leader of the Saviors.

Right now, everything just feels like a confusing mess on this show and the storytelling needs to tighten up. I’m bored and I have now designated this hour of my life to clipping coupons because I need something else to occupy my brain while I watch The Walking Dead. I shouldn’t feel that way and a cursory search around the internet suggests I’m not alone.

Get it together, crew! This year is probably lost but let’s deliver one last solid, interesting, clever season and then put this show to bed. It’s way past its bedtime…

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