Did Charlie Sheen Rape Corey Haim When He Was a Kid?

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Anyone who was a fan of 80s child actors, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, would know that the pair regularly talked about the abuse they suffered in Hollywood early in their careers. Both of them struggled as adults until Haim’s untimely death in 2010.

Corey Haim February 1990 Portrait Session - File Photos

When they got their own reality television show, The Two Coreys, the topic came up again and many wondered if Michael Jackson or Rob Lowe were involved with sexually abusing them.

Now that the Harvey Weinstein scandal has torn open a big gaping wound on sexual violence in Hollywood, Feldman has come forward to name some of the alleged assailants and one of the names that is now bouncing around as a result is Charlie Sheen.

In his book, Coreyography, he describes an incident during which Haim was sexually assaulted by an adult male while working on the 1986 film, Lucas. Haim would have been 13 at the time while Sheen would have been 20. To add that final piece to the puzzle, another one of the younger actor’s friends, Dominick Brascia, has come forward and named Sheen.

Of course, Mr. Tiger Blood himself has categorically denied the allegations but, considering his history, it’s not shocking anyone. Sadly, Haim isn’t here to speak for himself but you can’t help but believe that he’d want justice.

Image credit: Mark Weiss / Contributor

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