Multiple Women Accuse Louis C.K. Of Sexual Misconduct

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Fans of iconic comedian Louis C.K. are currently going through the five stages of grief after the well-loved entertainer was outed as yet another Hollywood perv. A New York Times bombshell published Thursday revealed multiple women who have accused Louis C.K. of masturbating in front of them without his permission.

On one occasion in 2002, Louis C.K invited Chicago comedy duo Dana Min Goodman in Julia Wolov to his hotel room in Aspen, Colorado, after they performed at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival. They thought they were signing up for a late-night hangout with a respected comedian but instead found themselves fending off a bizarre advance.

He asked them if he could expose himself, “and then he really did it,” Goodman said. She thought he was simply making a funny.

“He proceeded to take all of his clothes off, and get completely naked, and started masturbating,” she recalled.

In 2003, comedian Abby Schachner claimed to have heard Louis C.K. masturbating on the other end of a phone call that started off polite but quickly devolved into something else as he began describing his fantasies and breathing heavily.

“I definitely wasn’t encouraging it,” she said, claiming that she was too shocked to properly react. “You want to believe it’s not happening.”

And in 2005, comedian Rebecca Corry claimed that Louis C.K. propositioned her on the set of a television pilot.

“He asked me if we could go to my dressing room so he could masturbate in front of me,” Corry recalled. When she refused, noting that he had a pregnant wife and a daughter, “His face got red and he told me he had issues.”

The show’s executive producers, Courteney Cox and David Arquette, corroborated Corry’s version of events.

“What happened to Rebecca on that set was awful… My concern was to create an environment where Rebecca felt safe, protected and heard,” Cox said.

A fifth woman claimed, on condition of anonymity, that Louis C.K. pestered her to watch him masturbate in the late 1990s while she was working in production at “The Chris Rock Show.”

“It was something that I knew was wrong,” she said when she divulged that she had finally caved in to his request. “I think the big piece of why I said yes was because of the culture. He abused his power.”

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