Moore Blasts Sexual Misconduct Allegations As ‘Politically Motivated’

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Alabama Republican Senate nominee has waved away the numerous allegations that he carried on inappropriate relationships with teenage girls decades ago as the latest ploy in a carefully orchestrated smear campaign to keep the anti-establishment firebrand out of office.

During an interview on Sean Hannity’s radio program on Friday, the former judge did not mince words about the swirling accusations that he had sexual relations with a 14-year-old girl in 1979, when he was 32 years old.

“Allegations of sexual misconduct with her are completely false,” he said. “I believe they’re politically motivated. I believe they’re brought only to stop a very successful campaign, and that’s what they’re doing.”

While Moore acknowledged that he “dated a lot of young ladies” upon finishing his military service, he claimed that he does not “remember dating any girl without the permission of her mother” and “not generally” an 16- or 17-year-old girls.

Moore’s accuser, Leigh Corfman, claimed that he plied her with alcohol, removed her clothing, and sexually molested her when she was barely a teenager, the Washington Post reported. While she claimed that they met while he was a prosecutor and she was headed to a custody hearing, Moore denied that account.

“I’ve never talked to her. I’ve never had any contact with her,” he said.

Of the three other women named in the WaPo report, Moore conceded that he knew some of them but did not “remember going out on dates.”

“She said she believed she was underaged,” Moore said of one of the accusers. “As I recall she was 19 or older. I never provided intoxicating liquor to a minor. I seem to remember her as a good girl.”

Several prominent Republicans have called for Moore to immediately drop out of the race due to the allegations.

“Innocent until proven guilty is for criminal convictions, not elections,” tweeted former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. “I believe Leigh Corfman. Her account is too serious to ignore. Moore is unfit for office and should step aside.”

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