Police Officer And Wife Busted For High-Tech Cheating Scheme

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An Indian police officer who scoured the dark web to figure out a way to cheat on his exams and eventually settled on a scheme that involved multiple high-tech gadgets and the help of his wife may soon be kicked off the force.

IPS officer Safeer Karim was hoping to rise the ranks of the Indian Administrative Service, but in order to do so, he would have to pull off an impressive score on the main civil services examinations, the Hindustan Times reported.

Instead of studying hard like most people do, though, Karim started searching the internet for answers on how to cheat without getting caught. He settled on an arrangement that saw him wear a tiny camera on his chest that is capable of scanning documents and sending them to a Google drive.

Enter Karim’s wife, Joicy Joyce. Her role was to download the Google drive documents as they were uploaded, research the correct answers, and feed them back to Karim using a Bluetooth-enabled microphone and receiver. Whenever Karim could not hear Joyce’s answers, he would write on his test, transmit the message, and she would then speak louder.

Karim and Joyce were allegedly not alone in the cheating scheme. Indian authorities also accused one Dr. P. Rambabu, a school director, of assisting Joyce in transmitting answers to Karim using two laptops, an iPad and other electronic devices.

Joyce and Rambabu were arrested for their alleged role in helping Karim cheat. “We have handed both the accused to a team of Chennai police… They are interrogating the accused now in Hyderabad, before taking them to Chennai,” a police inspector told the outlet.

Karim is also facing a termination from the police force if he is not able to convince his superiors that his cheating scheme wasn’t as bad as it looked.

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