Disabled Man Used Hidden Cameras To Spy On Female Caretakers

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A profoundly disabled British man who requires 24-hour assistance from a group of three female caretakers who live in his home was busted for setting up spy cameras to peep on the women as they changed and used the restroom.

32-year-old Fahran Mian suffers from muscular dystrophy and can only breathe with the help of a respirator. He uses a customized wheelchair to get around and relies on his live-in caretakers to help him perform basic tasks.

When one of the women discovered a secret camera that had been covertly disguised and installed in a headboard, though, investigators searched the house and learned that Mian had placed another camera in the bathroom.

“He is accused of using cameras installed in the bathroom and carer’s bedroom to watch his female carers without their clothes on and carrying out private acts such as going to the toilet or shaving their legs or vagina,” said prosecutor Tim Starkey, according to Metro. “The prosecution case is that he did this for his own sexual gratification.”

The cameras used by Mian were controllable using his computer and were capable of zooming in and swiveling 360 degrees. Footage obtained from his sick scheme showed that Mian had covertly recorded multiple intimate moments without his caretakers’ knowledge.

One caretaker described finding cameras hidden in the eyes of Playboy bunnies that had been painted on her headboard. When she confronted Mian, he offered her £3,000 ($4,000) to stay quiet, but she called the police anyway.

While Mian’s defense tried to claim that the cameras were installed after reaching a consensual agreement with his caretakers, a jury found otherwise and convicted him on four counts of voyeurism. Instead of getting sent to jail, though, Mian was sentenced to six months of community service and a five-year sexual harm prevention order.

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