The Walking Dead Recap: Ezekiel Gets a HUGE Reality Check

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Last night’s episode, “Some Guy,” was a little better than the last couple weeks but, really, only marginally. As usual, it began with a rousing call to arms spoken by a misguided leader who had too much faith in his army.

the walking dead some guy


Typically, this goes nowhere and the episode end similarly but, finally (mercifully?), there was some action and, well, it didn’t go as anyone would have liked.

Ezekiel stood before his followers asking them to believe their “king” as he promised that they would be victorious while Carol stood somewhere in the background knowing that it was going to be a bloodbath.

Sure enough, the scene jumps to everyone lying in heaps on the ground with Ezekiel emerging from under bodies with a wounded leg. He was about to be zombie food (and the victim of a Savior) until Jerry came along. He urged his leader, referring to him as “Your Highness,” to get behind him as he fought off the walkers but Ezekiel chose to fight alongside him, all while looking disgusted at hearing the man use this title.

Carol survived the massacre, of course, but ends up in a standoff with two of Negan’s men. She’s got them cornered when she realizes that Ezekiel and Jerry are in trouble and she chooses to go and stand by her people.

There’s a series of encounters as Carol and Jerry drag Ezekiel from one calamitous situation to another as the “king” begs to be left behind time and time again. Finally, as they climbed out of a trench, he insists that he’s no king but that he’s just “some guy” (the title of the episode) and, suddenly, his tiger, Shiva, appears out of nowhere to take on the walkers and save her leader. It’s horrifically sad to see her sacrifice herself as he helplessly looks on.

The best part of this episode, in my opinion, was watching Ezekiel devolve into whomever he was before this apocalypse happened. Suddenly, his speech was a little more ‘hood and you almost couldn’t help thinking of the cowardly lion character from The Wizard of Oz.

Underneath the proud mane and fierce roars was just someone who was as scared as anyone else and viewers may have needed to see this side of Ezekiel to make him a little more relatable.

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