Woman Faints In Court After Being Found Guilty Of Murder-For-Hire

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A 45-year-old woman fainted dramatically after a jury handed down a guilty verdict in a murder-for-hire case that saw the woman facing charges of conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder for trying to off her estranged husband.

Diana Lovejoy appeared to pass out on Monday after she was convicted in the September 2016 attack on her ex, Greg Mulvihill, KSWB reported. She could be seen slumping forward in her seat as soon as the verdict was read, and when a bailiff tried to prop her up, Lovejoy’s head lolled back and her eyes stared blankly.

Lovejoy’s fainting spell prompted the judge to recess the proceedings for half an hour, and when court reconvened, Lovejoy was no longer at the defendant’s table. Her co-conspirator, 50-year-old Weldon McDavid Jr., was also found guilty of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon – and instead of fainting, he just wept openly.

Prosecutors said that Lovejoy accused her ex-husband of sexually abusing both her and their son, but no evidence was ever provided to prove her claims. They decided to divorce in 2014 and agreed to joint custody of their child, but Lovejoy hatched a plan to murder Mulvihill.

Mulvihill received a phone call from a person who said they were a private investigator and had obtained scandalous information about Lovejoy. The man instructed Mulvihill to pick up a package containing the info on a dirt road in Carlsbad, California, but when he arrived at the spot, he was greeted by a rifle-wielding McDavid hiding in the bushes.

McDavid opened fire and injured Mulvihill, but the victim managed to get away and call the police. Investigators determined that Lovejoy had bought the phone that was used to lure Mulvihill to the ambush, and they were also able to tie McDavid to the crime thanks to fecal matter they recovered from the bushes.

Lovejoy is facing 25 years to life in prison, while McDavid is facing 50 years to life in prison. They will be sentenced next month.

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