Playboy Features Plus-Size Model Molly Constable

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A month after making waves by featuring its first transgender model, Playboy is back at the tradition-busting game again by shooting its first plus-size model in a spread that has body positivity activists praising the men’s publication.

New York City-based Molly Constable had already started to make a splash on the modeling scene, but her high-profile gig with Playboy has taken things to the next level. The shoot featured renowned photographer Heather Hazzan and stylist Calvy Click and was taken in upstate New York.

“When my agents told me I was going to shoot for them at first I was a little wary because of history of the magazine,” Constable told Cosmo. “But when I found out that Heather Hazzan was shooting it, my nerves completely disappeared. We have shot together before, and they are some of my favorite images.”

Constable found her way into the world of modeling thanks to Instagram, where she was discovered back in 2012 and quickly signed to a modeling agency. Vogue named her one of its 20 Rising Model Stars to watch earlier this year, while several other notable publications had Constable grace their pages.

While the Playboy shoot has been celebrated by some as a big step forward for body inclusivity in the modeling industry, Constable has a different perspective.

“I wish we could all be called models and move on to more important subjects. Size is not an issue – we all do the same job,” she said.

“I did a shoot with a large publication, and the makeup artist couldn’t believe that I was an actual model and this was my job. I’ve shown up on set for a big shoot, and the stylist has looked me up and down and walked away to speak to the art director … which I assume she didn’t do her research and must’ve forgotten I wasn’t a size 2.”

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