Student Who Swiped MAGA Hat Is Facing One Year In Jail

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The UC Riverside student who found herself starring in a viral video after she stole a Make America Great Again hat from a fellow student is now facing up to a year in jail after the district attorney opted to file charges.

In the video, which made the rounds on social media and has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, Edith Macias scolded her peer for daring to wear the Trump campaign swag and flaunted her brazen disregard for the rules.

“Man, f*ck your laws,” she tells cameraman Matthew Vitale, whose hat she had just pilfered. “Do you have any f*cking conscience?”

When Vitale asked for his hat back, Macias insisted that the hat is a symbol of deadly violence against minorities.

“F*ck your freedom of speech boy, your freedom of speech is literally killing a lot of people out there, your hats like these that promote laws and legislation that literally kill and murder people of color,” she screamed.

The stunt may have gained her some street cred among her fellows, but it could also cost Macias her freedom after the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office filed one misdemeanor count of grand theft, The College Fix reported.

Macias is slated to appear in court next year and could face up to one year behind bars in county jail if convicted. Vitale expressed gratitude that the district attorney took the September 27 incident more seriously than the university did.

“I’m very pleased that the DA decided to charge her, especially because I am skeptical that UCR student conduct did anything,” he told the outlet. “I will be following up with the student conduct office to determine if anything was done.”

“If, as I suspect, UCR decided not discipline her in some way this decision by the DA’s office shows two things: First, that UCR does not protect and shows no respect for speech that does not conform to their ideology. Second, that in this case UCR chose not to discipline a person who committed a crime on campus against another student.”

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