Wendy Williams: My ‘Worst Guest’ Groped Me On Live TV

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Wendy Williams has her own story of sexual harassment, but unlike the stories that have plagued prominent figures throughout Hollywood and Washington D.C., hers unfolded on live television for the world to see.

“My worst guest, I’m not gonna name,” she said during Tuesday’s edition of “The Wendy Williams Show” after speaking to the allegations against CBS and PBS star Charlie Rose.

“But I can tell you this: it had to do with some groping, and you all saw it but didn’t say a word. And I felt it and I didn’t say a word. My staff saw it, and that guest will never be here anymore. He’s not that relevant anymore, anyway,” Williams continued.

The longtime media personality went on to recall that the incident took place early on in her television career and left her perplexed as to how to proceed.

“He hugs me, but lays in my breast inappropriately. And I didn’t know what to do, because I’m brand new on TV, whereas now I would definitely push somebody through a glass coffee table. I didn’t know what to do,” Williams said.

It didn’t take long for fans to comb back through old episodes and photos from Williams’ show to track down the culprit, with some taking to Twitter the very same day to point the finger at comedian Gilbert Gottfried.

In a pic that has since made the rounds, Gilbert can be seen with his arms tightly wrapped around Williams and his face nestled in her bosom; she appears to be simultaneously trying to laugh it off but also push him away.

On Tuesday, Gottfried told Inside Edition that he did not remember the show, which was taped in 2011, and claimed that he was never told that he was banned from appearing on it again.

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