Man Killed Soldier With One Punch Because He Was ‘Dancing Stupidly’

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A British man was found guilty of manslaughter after he killed a soldier with one punch during a night out on the town. His reason for the fatal blow? He thought his fellow reveler was “stupidly dancing” and decided to take his issue to blows.

Jake Davies, 29, confronted Jack Mitchell, a 24-year-old on a month’s leave from the 32 Regiment Royal Artillery, while they were on the dancefloor at The Warehouse nightclub in Stroud, Gloucestershire, Stroud News & Journal reported.

Davies was apparently enraged about the way that Mitchell and his friends’ dance moves caused them to bump into him – so much so that he threw a single punch. The devastating blow caused Mitchell’s brain to bleed and led to his death in the foyer of the club.

“We have lost a great member of our community, such a waste of a hardworking and giving young man,” detective inspector Richard Pegler said in a statement following the trial, which saw Davies’ self-defense argument fail to convince the jury.

“I don’t know why Jake Davies threw that punch, we will never know, but it was simply not justified. I am disappointed that Jack’s family have had to endure the stress and upset of a trail. This incident demonstrates just how fragile we are and the devastating effect that one punch can have – one punch because of a bump on a dance floor.”

Davies will be sentenced at a later date. He was taken into custody following the trial to begin serving his sentence.

“It’s a day of mixed emotion,” Pegler said,” as we are really pleased with the guilty verdict, but there are no winners here and a number of lives were ruined. Jack was quite simply a great lad, he was clearly loved so much by his family and friends.”

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