Kendra Wilkinson Insists She’s Not Racist After Cotton Snafu

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Former Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson took to social media to blast the allegations of racism that began swirling around her after she posted an Instagram video of herself picking cotton during a visit to Texas.

“Always wanted to pick cotton. Lol,” Wilkinson captioned the video, which almost immediately set off a firestorm of controversy. Commenters accused Wilkinson of being disrespectful toward African Americans because of the historical connection between picking cotton and slavery.

In the wake of the so-called scandal, Wilkinson took to Twitter to try and dispel the accusations.

“Lol. I just wanted to pick cotton from a plant cuz I’ve always wondered how it really felt. Never in my life thought of color or race at the time,” she wrote. “I was trespassing n ran up to grab some cotton. I am not racist. Was just having fun n wanted to feel n wondered how it felt. Hahahahah.”

“I can’t believe I’m getting accused of being racist when I’m sitting here with my black father in law rt now baffled at the accusations,” Wilkinson continued. F*ck off to anyone who don’t know me n know what I’m about. Just cuz I picked some f*cking cotton. It’s a f*cking plant. Omg I can’t.”

Wilkinson is married to former NFL wide receiver Hank Baskett, who is biracial, and has two kids with him.

The “Girls Next Door” co-star then took to Instagram to try to put the racism allegations to rest once and for all and to offer an apology to those she offended.

“Never did I joke or have intentions of joking about black history,” she explained. “That would be the last thing I’d ever do. I simply just wanted to pick some cotton. I am saddened that whit I thought was innocent ended up hurting people n if u really know me, all I’m about is love.”

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