Pregnant Woman Stabs Pit Bull To Death After It Attacks Family

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A pregnant Florida woman was forced to stab her family’s beloved pit bulls to death after the dog turned violent and began attacking their other dogs – as well as her mother and teenage sister when they tried to intervene.

The disturbing incident took place in Safety Harbor on Friday at the home of Heidi Cooper, 45, and her two daughters, Sierra Wilson, 22, and Meaghan Tokay, 14, WTSP reported. The family owned three pit bulls, but one named Buster was kept separate from the other two because of his aggressive behavior.

That day, Buster managed to get loose and immediately began attacking the other dogs. Cooper and Tokay tried to stop the dog fight, but Buster turned on them and bit them numerous times.

When Wilson realized what was happening, she grabbed a knife and rushed to her family’s aid. She stabbed the dog several times and it died shortly thereafter from its wounds. Neighbor Joe Goulart recalled running to Cooper’s house after hearing screams.

“As soon as I could go down there it sounded like she said, ‘get away, get away, the dog is loose and would attack,’” he told the station.

Nikki Cagen, whose boyfriend was the pit bull’s original owner and left the dog in his family’s care while he was deployed with the Marines, remembered Buster as anything but dangerous.

“He was the sweetest dog ever. I would come in the house and he would sit in my lap like a little puppy. He was so sweet,” she said, claiming that Buster was only separated from the other dogs as a precaution.

The three victims were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Only Cooper’s wounds were described as serious.

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