High School Teacher Allegedly Became Student’s ‘Sugar Daddy’

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A New York City high school teacher was busted for carrying on a disgusting relationship with a 17-year-old student that saw him allegedly arrange a job for her and give her cash in exchange for sexual favors.

Martin Howfield, a 56-year-old licensed attorney who also taught Spanish at North Queens Community HS, fashioned himself as the teenager’s “sugar daddy” by lavishing her with gifts and securing a cushy no-show job, the New York Post reported.

What’s more, the job he secured for the young girl is a taxpayer-funded internship with the New York City Department of Education that is part of the “Learning to Work” program. Under the guise of helping a disadvantaged teen, Howfield fleeced taxpayers of $2,000 to perpetuate his salacious arrangement.

According to the office of the Special Commissioner of Investigation, Howfield took the girl aside and “asked whether he could be her sugar daddy.” When she did not know what the term meant, he explained that he would pay her $300 per month and “asked what she would do for the money.”

The student – for whom the “transfer school” was her last chance to graduate after failing out of her previous school – agreed to have sex with him. Howfield took it one step further and asked for “nude photos of her vagina, breasts and buttocks,” and she complied.

The pair then began going on shopping excursions that saw Howfield drop hundreds of dollars on designer sneakers and Victoria’s Secret lingerie. When interviewed by investigators, the girl initially claimed that Howfield had only fondled her but later admitted to intercourse and oral sex in the teacher’s car.

Howfield even allegedly had the girl set him up with another 17-year-old girl who needed legal help. Instead of providing advice, Howfield sent her a picture of his penis and solicited phone sex in which he claimed to be watching child porn, telling her he “wanted to ejaculate on her baby’s face.” No child porn was found on Howfield’s work computer.

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