Walking Dead Recap: “The King, The Widow, and Rick” Falls Flat

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Another Sunday evening wasted on a boring episode of The Walking Dead. Honestly, it’s beginning to feel like this season can’t be redeemed. With a title like “The King, The Widow, and Rick,” viewers were probably expecting excitement and, sadly, were disappointed yet again.

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The plot pivoted between Ezekiel, Maggie, and Rick for most of the hour and, really, it doesn’t feel like we even made much progress with any of their story lines. It was a whole lotta “blah blah blah” without much action. What a let down!

Rick battled with Jadis and her Scavengers in an attempt to get them to join forces. She just kept on sculpting crap in the junkyard. Like, what is life?

Meanwhile, Maggie tried to keep track of the Saviors she’s keeping as prisoners at Hilltop (such a great idea… sigh). It’s too much work for nothing. She’s pregnant and now they have a baby at the compound. Why keep those murderers around?

Then there’s Ezekiel who’s just pouting and whining about the fact that he got a bunch of people killed. Yes, that’s right. You’re not a real king, Ezekiel, and you made a dumb choice but it’s a zombie apocalypse and you’ve got to fight so…

As we try to make sense of all this lameness, Carl befriends Siddiq and almost dies in a walker ambush, Jesus and Maggie quarrel for some reason (?), and Carol continues to slide down into the Ezekiel abyss of warm fuzzy moments instead of being the badass that everyone loves. Please come back, Militant Carol. This show needs you.

The only bright spot was Rosita firing a rocket launcher to kill one lone Savior but, when you think about it, that’s just so stupid. They don’t have unlimited supplies of weapons like that and it could have done them so much good in a larger fight.


This show is dead and still walking, much like it’s antagonists.

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