Business Teacher Jailed For Selling Drugs To Students

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A British business studies teacher was busted for giving some of her students a crash course in marketing after it was discovered that she was selling a variety of pills to her pupils and offering discounts if they bought in bulk.

Rachel Ryan, a 41-year-old who worked at Banbury Academy in Oxfordshire, was arrested last year after her illicit scheme was discovered by another teacher, Metro reported. That colleague had taken a student’s phone away for texting in class and came across a message from Ryan offering drugs.

Investigators determined that Ryan was selling valium, diazepam, alprazolam, and nitrazepam to the teenagers that she taught. What’s more, the enterprising pusher promised students a discount if they purchased 100 pills or more.

When Ryan was arrested in June 2016, police found a massive stash of drugs in her home valued at roughly $2,500. Most of the recovered narcotics were heavy tranquilizers and other similar medications used to treat sleeping disorders and often abused by youngsters looking for a high.

Ryan copped to seven counts of drug-related charges and was sentenced to 15 months in jail.

“Rachel Ryan used her knowledge as head of Business Studies in her role as a drug dealer,” said Det Con Bryan Groves of Oxford Force CID. “This was seen in one of her text messages where she offered a discounted price if a drug user purchased more than 100 tablets.”

“Rachel Ryan had trust placed in her as a teacher. She had responsibilities and should have been someone for her students to look up to. She abused that trust and let her students down.”

Earlier this month, a high school teacher in Colombia was charged with forcing students to have sex with her in exchange for good grades. Students who refused her persistent advances were threatened with academic ruin.

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