Eugene, Rick Make Pivotal Moves on “The Walking Dead”

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Don’t let the title of this post fool you – yes, some moves were made, a little character development was shown but this was, by no means, an exciting episode. Do they even make those anymore? Asking for a friend…

The Walking Dead Rick vs Jadis


Anyway, first things first, Darryl, Tara, Morgan, Michonne, and Rosita have reached some sort of impasse while planning an attack on the Saviors. Rosita, traumatized by Sasha’s death, believes they should stand down but Tara is bound and determined to move full steam ahead. It’s a bunch of annoying blah blah blah. Really. Someone is probably going to die and let’s hope it’s Tara.

Meanwhile, Eugene goes through the first half of the episode making it clear that he’s not going to turn on Negan. He confronts Dwight who lays it all out and asks him to pick the right side but Dwight refuses to do anything to put him at odds with the Saviors.

Then, he sits with Gabriel who is getting sicker by the minute. Honestly, I’m not sure what’s going on. Did I miss him getting bitten? Was he infected by putting all of those zombie guts on him while he and Negan were escaping a couple weeks back? Anyway, between coughs and gasps, Gabriel tells Eugene to have faith and do the right thing and, really, everyone is just over this whole storyline. Eugene needs to just pick a side or die.

Ultimately, Negan seems to put him to the test (maybe?). He shakes his hand and tells Eugene that there is mutual respect between them. It seems like Eugene is going to make a big announcement and several key Saviors are brought in, including Dwight. When faced with the prospect of revealing the plan of the rebellion, Eugene falters and simply says that he can fix the intercom system in an effort to improve communications within the team. Negan seems disappointed by this but doesn’t say anything more. Interesting.

Finally, in the end, Rick is finally able to convince Jadis and the junkyard gang to join forces with the effort to overthrow the Saviors. Maybe things will actually get exciting again… but probably not. If this whole season is any indication, we shouldn’t get our hopes up.

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