Fearing Lawsuits, Texas Sheriff Declares ‘No More Hugs’

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A kindly Texas sheriff took to Facebook to pen an emotional post explaining why he would no longer off hugs to his fellow public servants, claiming that today’s frenzied culture of sexual harassment allegations marks the end of well-meaning workplace affection.

Nueces County Sheriff Jim Kaelin, who worked as a law enforcement from 1968 until his retirement in 2001 and has served as sheriff since 2006, decided he will play it safe now that we live in a world where a pat on the back can get you fired.

“To my FB friends let me say this to you… my hugging days (outside family and or close friends) are over,” he wrote. “Sad, but you just don’t know when this hug might come back and bite you. The workplace, for one, can become hostile if an employee ‘feels’ threatened by your hugs…SO IT’S OVER.”

“In the future, I will offer a hand shake, or a knuckle bump, but NORE MORE HUGS,” Kaelin declared.

The sheriff – who used the “feeling sad” tag to mark his post – tried to preemptively assuage colleagues who may become heartbroken once the hugs end.

“It might offend you that I will no longer participate in hugging you, but I have decided to discontinue receiving/giving hugs from anyone outside my family and close friends,” he explained. “I hope you understand.”

“Thanks… I’m from the old school but the time has come for me… No more hugs.”

Dozens of commenters came forward to support the sheriff and acknowledge the wisdom of his bittersweet decision.

“I think that’s the right approach to be safe,” one commenter opined.

“That’s sad but I totally understand,” another echoed. “So when I shake your hand consider yourself hugged.”

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