“Stranger Things” Season 3 Has Been Confirmed – Now What?

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Late last week, Netflix announced that there will be a third season of Stranger Things. Fans everywhere rejoiced but one key detail was missing – the return date. There was a 15-month break between the first two seasons which means we could be waiting until 2019.

In the meantime, what should we do? Talk about what happened at the end of season 2 and come up with theories, of course! Naturally, this post will contain spoilers so consider yourselves warned.

Stranger Things 2 Cast

Astrid Stawiarz / Stringer

Okay, can we just say that the production crew seems to have something against characters with one-character names beginning with the letter B. First Barb and now Bob? That was just so sad!

Is Will the Only Target?

During the second season finale, as the group made their way through the tunnels to the lair, Dustin looked up and got a face full of spores. He panicked at first and said that some got in his mouth but then he claimed to be okay.

Then, as they made their way back to the entrance, he encountered Dart, reminding us that he’s made a connection with the Demogorgan. Is he going to be the Mind Flayer’s next target? It might be time to give Will a break. I’m not sure Joyce can handle any more.

Nancy/Steve/Jonathan Love Triangle

At the beginning of Season 2, Nancy was with Steve but then she got drunk at that party and said a bunch of horrible (but true?) things. They broke up, she ran off on a mission with Jonathan and they ended up sleeping together. At least, it’s implied that they did.

Yet, in those final couple episodes, after she’s learned that Steve has rallied to protect her little brother, Mike, and his friends, you can see that she tries to reach out to her ex a couple times but he maintains a firm boundary. Later, at the Snow Ball, he drops off Dustin, catches a glimpse of Nancy through the window and seems sad to be without her. Will they get back together?

More Max?

Although, she made an effort to show her admiration for Eleven and even extended a hand to introduce herself when the missing girl suddenly showed up, it’s clear that Eleven isn’t ready to be friends with the red-haired addition to their party.

Still, we saw her dancing with Lucas in the end where they even shared a kiss (initiated by her). She put her stepbrother in place (at least for now) which established her as kind of a badass. Plus, she’s seen too much to be left out now. What role will she play in the upcoming season? I hope they don’t make it all about girl drama and cat fights with Eleven…

Will Eleven Go to School and Meet More Siblings?

Now that Eleven is officially Jane Hopper (are they going to start calling her Jane?!?!), will she start going to school with the rest of the kids? If so, how will she fit in? Is she just going to bring boxes of Eggos in to the cafeteria for lunch?

And since we saw her meet Kali (“Eight”), an episode that, really, I could have done without (but proved helpful in the end since Eleven learned to channel her anger), will we meet any other “siblings?” Could be interesting!

Are Joyce and Hopper Going to Get Together?

Now that Bob is gone, are we going to go back to loving the deep, committed relationship between Joyce and Hopper. You can’t help but love when they bring up stories from high school and show that this friendship extends far back into each of their lives.

Maybe they shouldn’t exactly get together but the close, bonded Hopper and Joyce make the series even better.

What do you think will happen next season?

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