Woman Kills Her Ex-Boyfriend For Going On A Tinder Date

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A British woman has been sentenced to life in prison in connection to the brutal murder of her ex-boyfriend, whom she stabbed dozens of times after discovering that he had started dating a woman he met on Tinder.

Hasna Begum, 25, was jailed for slaying 23-year-old part-time DJ Pietro Sanna 36 times, Metro reported. A few days prior, Begum had created a slew of fake Instagram profiles to send threatening and disturbing messages to Sanna’s new love interest, Giulia Consonni – even though Begum and Sanna had been broken up for five months.

Begum carried out the murder in disguise, donning a blonde wig and gloves and hailing a taxi to Sanna’s home in east London. There, she killed Sanna, changed into his clothing to hide the bloodstains on the outfit she had worn, and went to a doctor’s office to get treated for a cut on her thumb.

The murderess also stole Sanna’s phone and used it to give herself an alibi by calling her own phone. It wasn’t until several days later that authorities found Sanna’s body, thanks to an anonymous tip delivered to his brother by Begum herself.

“This was a callous, brutal and merciless attack on a young man who had his whole life ahead of him,” DCI Gary Holmes said. “The frenzied brutal nature of the attack must have been entirely unexpected by the victim. Her behavior before and after the attack was very conceited and her claim of self-defense was rightly dismissed by the jury.”

Begum told investigators that she only traveled to Sanna’s home on the day of the murder to hopefully get back together with him. As for the wig and the gloves that she wore, Begum claimed that she did not want to look “like a tramp.”

She was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 20 years.

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