Chaffetz Thinks Sessions Should Step Down

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Jason Chaffetz, the Republican who served as the House Oversight Committee Chairman until stepping down from Congress in June, believes that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should step down from his post at the helm of the Department of Justice.

“It pains me to say this a little bit [but] I don’t think the attorney general is up to the job he’s doing,” Chaffetz, a Fox News contributor, said during Saturday’s “Fox and Friends.”

Chaffetz criticized Sessions for not being able to influence several factors currently plaguing the Trump administration because he “had to remove himself from everything.” He singled out the Russia probe that required the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller as the biggest repercussion of Sessions’ recusal.

“He’s absent from this. The reason there’s a special counsel is because he had to recuse himself from everything,” Chaffetz said. “And I just, my own personal opinion, I think it’s time for the attorney general to go. Because you need leadership there, some deep systemic problems there.”

Chaffetz also raised several issues he encountered with Sessions’ DOJ during his time on Capitol Hill.

“I sat with the attorney general while I was still in Congress and I spent more than an hour, and we went through everything,” he said. “They won’t provide Fast & Furious documents, they wouldn’t prosecute Bryan Pagliano for… I issued a subpoena for him to testify before Congress, and he didn’t show up.”

The former Utah representative also blasted Sessions for not unearthing more information about Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who was taken off the special counsel’s team and moved to human resources after a trove of anti-Trump texts between Strzok and a colleague he romanced.

“Only at the Department of Justice can a person with this bad a record go into human resources,” Chaffetz quipped.

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