Woman Gets Temporary ‘No Ragrets’ Tattoo That’s Not Going Away

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Talk about ironic: a Texas woman who decided to get a jokey “No Ragrets” tattoo while on vacation in Mexico is definitely feeling remorseful after the henna used to emblazon the message across her chest does not seem to be fading like it was supposed to.

Burke's unfortunate tattoo (KHOU)

Burke’s unfortunate tattoo (KHOU)

Ashley Burke is the very unhappy new owner of a very visible “No Ragrets” tattoo, which she got while partying south of the border as a reference to “We’re the Millers.” That flick features a comically dumb character who gets the same tattoo in the same spot, but his is unironic.

The rest of Burke’s family also got Henna tattoos for a laugh and they all faded away as expected. But Burke – who was only looking to maybe get some likes on social media and have a happy memory to look back on – suffered a bad reaction to the ink and is now warning others not to repeat her mistake.

“Henna is not black,” she told KHOU. “Never has been black… never will be black. If anyone is ever offering you black henna temporary tattoos, it can have lasting effects. Just protect your family and research everything.”

The Cozumel resort offered Burke an official apology and promised to pay any and all medical costs stemming from the botched tattoo, perhaps even including a removal (if possible). No word has surfaced as to whether they’ll pay for her mental health therapy if she’s forced to live with such a silly tattoo for the rest of her life.

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