Georgia Inmate Busted Through Brick Wall To Escape Jail

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A man whom authorities are describing as “dangerous” managed to break out of jail in spectacular fashion by busting through a brick wall and squeezing through a small hole in another area before stealing a work van and driving to freedom.

The Lamar County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia revealed that inmate Christopher Nichola Carroll, who was in jail on three counts of obstruction of an officer and theft by receiving stolen property, had managed to make an elaborate escape by channeling his inner MacGyver, WSB-TV reported.

Carroll used part of a table to break through a brick wall. Then he squeezed through an opening in a small storage area to make his way outside and popped through an opening in a fence, finding himself outside the jail’s security perimeter. Meanwhile, officials inside the facility thought Carroll was taking a shower.

The culprit then stole a county work van and apparently drove it to South Carolina, where he is originally from. The vehicle was recovered at around 7:50 am in Allendale County, which is located about two hours away from the jail, the sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook.

Authorities are seeking to track down Carroll but he has not yet been located. Lamar County Sheriff Brad White told KENS 5 that police are “very familiar with him.”

“The jail called me and told me he had escaped out through the shower and then busted a hole in the wall, the outside wall that went to a storage unit,” he said. “He was small in stature. I don’t think an average sized person could have got through the holes and maneuvered the way that he did.”

White said that Carroll fought back against officers during his October 30 arrest and even tried to steal one of their weapons. He also said that he would consider Carroll dangerous but could not say whether he is armed.

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