Nas: Kelis Is Keeping Me From Seeing Our Son!

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Nas and Kelis used to be a hot couple back in the day but things have definitely changed. The former couple are deeply entrenched in a “hostile” court dispute over the custody and visitation of their 8-year-old son, Knight.

Nas and Kelis

Jeff Kravitz / Contributor

According to reports, Nas alleges that Kelis is not cooperating with amicable agreement for sharing access to their child and he’s hoping a judge can help him.

What he wants is “the first, third and fifth weekend of each month from Friday after school through Monday morning.” That sounds like a pretty decent and fair request. Unfortunately, Nas claims that Kelis decides when and how long he will see his son and he’s tired of it.

The pair divorced in 2010 and it’s too bad that, after all these years, things are still contentious. As long as Knight isn’t in any danger, it sounds like a great thing that his father wants to be actively involved in his life.

Let’s hope they can resolve these issues for the little guy’s sake.

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