Hospital Employee Sues Over Alleged Nude Photo

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A Washington Hospital worker is suing her employer and multiple coworkers amid allegations that she was photographed in the nude while she was a patient undergoing surgery in the operating room.

The plaintiff, identified as Jane Doe, filed suit claiming that the September 2016 incident saw a scrub nurse use a cellphone to photograph her exposed genitals “as (she) lay unconscious on the operating table”, according to the Observer-Reporter.

She accused Dr. Dennis Brown and other employees who were present in the operating room of doing nothing to stop the scrub nurse from taking the compromising photographs. She also alleged that no conduct reports were filed.

Furthermore, the suit contends that the use of a cellphone in the sterile operating room could have resulted in Jane Doe contracting an infection, citing “an investigation by the state Department of Health [that] revealed that the presence of cellphones in the operating room was pervasive at the hospital.”

It wasn’t until the plaintiff returned from medical leave in late October that the scrub nurse showed her the picture that were taken – and revealed that other coworkers had seen them as well. “In utter horror and shock,” Jane Doe reported the scrub nurse to supervisors and got that person fired.

That was only the beginning: the hospital did nothing to protect her from “an increasingly hostile and abusive work environment,” nor did they assuage the shame and humiliation she faced from knowing that all her coworkers had seen her genitals.

Jane Doe “was now being treated like the wrongdoer – not the victim – and was forced to endure harassment, humiliation and backlash,” the suit said.

One coworker allegedly gave her a handwritten note that read, “What were you thinking?” while others demonstrated “extreme hostility” against her.

Jane Doe’s husband, identified as John Doe, was also named as a plaintiff in the suit. Together they are seeking a jury trial and damages exceeding $75,000.

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