Waitress Calls Out Best Friend For Not Splitting Lottery Winnings

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That’s extremely uncool, man. An Arkansas waiter has put her co-worker and best friend on blast after she decided not to split her $300,000 lottery windfall as she had previously promised, instead going incognito with the sudden influx of cash.

“She decided to take it and run,” Leslie Underwood said of her ex-friend Mandy Vanhouten, Arkansas Matters reported.

Underwood and Vanhouten worked at Sportsman Drive-In in Stuttgart when their boss gifted the waitresses a box of scratch-offs from a nearby liquor store.

“He told us whatever we won, it would be split between us for our Christmas bonus,” Underwood told the outlet.

She and Vanhouten scratched their piles off together at a local bar, but things quickly turned interesting when Vanhouten revealed a $300,000 prize on a ticket worth $10.

“We were both reading the back of it trying to find the little, ‘You’re pranked!’ But no, it was a real one,” Underwood said. “We talked about how life changing it would be and what we were going to do with this money. She even talked about giving back since it was such a blessing.”

Instead of making good on her promise, though, Vanhouten went and nabbed the check herself. Underwood – who wanted to take her five children on a once-in-a-lifetime trip – was devastated when she saw the picture of her so-called friend holding the massive check.

“It’s a little emotional,” Underwood said before breaking into tears.

Vanhouten has not returned any of Underwood’s calls and has not showed up to work for a week. If she does not turn over her half of the money, Underwood plans to take legal action against Vanhouten, but the case might become complicated since only Vanhouten signed the back of the ticket.

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