Three Pennsylvania Teachers Accused Of Bullying Fifth Grader

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A trio of teachers at a Pennsylvania school were allegedly busted for making cruel jokes at a fifth grader’s expense after they called her mother and forgot to end the call, leaving an incriminating voicemail in the process.

According to parent Beth Suhon, the incident took place in 2015, when her daughter’s then fifth-grade math teacher called her and forgot to hang up the phone.

“It was very difficult for me to tell my child, who has been bullied by her peers for years, that she was now being bullied by her teachers,” Suhon told ABC 13.

Suhon retaliated against the teachers involved in the voicemail by filing a lawsuit against her Claysville school district, alleging that her daughter’s instructor could be heard making insulting comments about her struggles with math and her appearance.

One teacher can be heard saying that the girl’s “teeth are crooked,” while another teacher offered that she has “no strengths” and “could coal-mine. She could be a good coal miner,” WTAE reported.

“The mockery, laughter and derision voiced by the three educators in the voicemail recording is unconscionable,” wrote the administrative law judge who reviewed the case. “It is nearly unfathomable, and frankly heart-breaking, to gauge that the speakers on that recording are educators working with 10 year old children, and are particularly discussing some of those children who clearly have significant disabilities.”

Suhon said her daughter was diagnosed with Turner’s Syndrome and suffers from anxiety and obsessive thoughts.

The lawsuit named McGuffey School District employees Mr. Neundorf, Mrs. Papson, and Mr. Wolf as the three educators involved in the voicemail. The district has yet to respond to the lawsuit, attorney Noah Geary told the outlet.

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