Judge Denies $5M Child Support Request From Weinstein’s Ex

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Harvey Weinstein’s ex-wife will not receive a $5 million advance on future child support payment from the disgraced Hollywood mogul, who kicked off an international firestorm of sexual harassment allegations after his misdeeds came to light late last year.

Manhattan Justice Michael Katz threw out former wife Eve Chilton’s request to get her hands on Weinstein’s money before he squanders it all on legal bills and other costs related to his dizzying number of sexual assault allegations, the New York Daily News reported.

Chilton’s attorney Bonnie Rabin argued last month that Weinstein’s fortune will be hemorrhaged by “many, many lawyers, many, many millions of dollars to defend himself against lawsuits all over the world.”

“He’s going to have very little left,” she said. “There are lawsuits not in four to five states, but perhaps four to five countries.”

Instead of granting the hefty pre-payment, the judge compelled Weinstein to continue paying his child support payments on time. Should he miss any payments, Chilton can take him back to court – but a source told the Daily News that Weinstein has yet to drop the ball when it comes to forking over the cash.

Chilton worked as Weinstein’s assistant and was married to him for 17 years before the couple divorced in 2004. They have three children together: Remy, 22; Emma, 19; and Ruth, 14.

In addition to $1.4 million in basic child support payments, Chilton wanted Weinstein to hand over $500,000 for health care, $124,000 in statutory add-ons, $500,000 for college and college prep, and various sums for a slew of other expenses. Chilton also requested her share of the proceeds from the sale of a Connecticut property.

Weinstein attorney Steven Silpe fired back by noting that his client had already paid $850,000 to Chilton in the last year alone.

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