Robert Rodriguez Fact Checks Vanity Fair’s Rose McGowan Article

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While its expected that a whistleblower might face backlash for their actions, Rose McGowan, who has been the most outspoken accuser of Harvey Weinstein, seems to be creating fractures to relationships that may be unnecessary.

Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan

Charley Gallay / Stringer

There’s the feud with Meryl Streep, of course, where she accused the Oscar winner of knowing Weinstein was a predator all of these years, prompting the hashtag #sheknew to trend. Street issued a lengthy statement denying it and has been pretty miffed about the whole thing.

Then, there’s the situation with Alyssa Milano, a woman who has stood by McGowan and seemed to be a close friend. When Milano, who defended Georgina Chapman, Weinstein’s wife, on a talk show, McGowan came unhinged and attacked Milano on Twitter.

Now, director, Robert Rodriguez, is refuting the claims McGowan made about him in a Vanity Fair piece. While working together on Grindhouse, she alleges that Rodriguez knew that Weinstein had raped her and chose to say nothing.

He says that Vanity Fair never even reached out to him for comment, nor did they offer him the chance to address the accusation. He says “there are some key factual errors in the piece” and adds: “These inaccuracies may appear to put me at odds with Rose, but I have no quarrel with her. It’s when publications don’t fact check these basic things, you end up with something inaccurate that then has to be disqualified.”

Previously, Rodriguez also explained that he never spoke openly about the situation because McGowan had signed an NDA and, therefore, would be unable to discuss it. The director also says that, despite her claims, she knew that the Weinsteins were funding the movie before it began shooting and that she had plenty of time (more than five months) to raise objections about the script.

McGowan’s memoir, Brave, will be released at the end of January.

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