Jeff Flake Claims There Is No Evidence Of Sonic Attacks In Cuba

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Contrary to what was widely reported a few months ago, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) said on Saturday that the United States had found no evidence to link the health problems that befell American diplomats in Cuba to the mysterious sonic weaponry that was suspected.

On Friday, Flake met with a bevy of high-ranking Cuban officials, including Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez and members of the Caribbean country’s Interior Ministry, the New York Daily News reported. Those officials relayed findings from the FBI which ruled out any form of attack being carried out against diplomats, citing the agency’s four investigative visits to Cuba as proof.

Flake also pointed to classified briefings that he had received that led him to believe there were no unknown weapons used against Americans. He declined to specify what was discussed in those briefings, however.

“The Cuban Interior Ministry is saying the FBI has told them there is no evidence of a sonic attack, even though that term is being used, attack, there is no evidence of it,” Flake told the Associated Press.

“There’s no evidence that somebody purposefully tried to harm somebody. Nobody is saying that these people didn’t experience some event, but there’s no evidence that that was a deliberate attack by somebody, either the Cubans or anybody else,” he continued.

A vociferous opponent of President Donald Trump, Flake serves on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and has used the platform to call for improved relations with Cuba, echoing former President Barack Obama’s opinions on the matter.

While he does not plan to run for re-election in November – a move some have speculated is in response to a vigorous primary challenge from Dr. Kelli Ward – Flake confirmed that he has not ruled out a 2020 run against Trump.

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