Gaetz: Hillary Clinton Could Soon Face Criminal Charges

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Last month, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) laid out the case for Hillary Clinton having received preferential treatment when it came to the FBI’s handling of her private email server. Now, the congressman has gone as far as to suggest that the former presidential candidate could soon face criminal charges and possible jail time because of the Clinton Foundation.

During a Friday appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Gaetz accused the Clinton family of using the Clinton Foundation as a “money-laundering operation” to accept bribes in exchange for political influence.

“There may have been acts that occurred at the State Department as a consequence of bribes paid to the Clinton Foundation, which are creating an ongoing security concern for the United States of America, Tucker,” he said, citing a recent story about Hezbollah smuggling drugs into the United States under the nose of the Obama administration.

“[T]here is a suspicion that the State Department led by Hillary Clinton had a role in limiting the American people’s access to information about Hezbollah being funded and their operations in this country because they wanted the Iranian Nuclear Deal so bad, they didn’t want us focusing on the fact that Iran has funded over 100 mosques in South America to recruit people and then send them to the United States to do harm,” Gaetz continued.

As for the Clinton Foundation’s role in influencing Clinton, Gaetz claimed that documents and bids were labeled FOB – “Friend of Bill” – to denote that they should be given “special treatment.” When pressed as to why Congress has not yet investigated the Clinton family’s dealings, Gaetz suggested that top-down interference was to blame.

“We’ve been calling for this for over five months. Twenty members of the House Judiciary Committee sent a letter to Attorney General Sessions saying that we’ve got to look into these things because of the ongoing security concerns,” he said.

“And, finally, now we have Hillary Clinton dealing with investigations cascading down on her like it’s a bomb cyclone,” Gaetz continued. “I think the day is coming soon, Tucker, when we’ll be sending an ‘I’m With Her’ T-shirt to Hillary Clinton’s cellmate.”

In recent weeks, reports surfaced that the Justice Department would be taking another look at both Clinton’s email server and the Uranium One deal.

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