Missouri Governor Accused Of Slapping, Blackmailing Mistress

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Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens (R) is at the center of a scandal of epic proportions after admitting to carrying on an extramarital affair with a woman who is now accusing the family values politician of trying to blackmail her with a naked picture – and slapping her when he found out she had been intimate with her husband.

Greitens admitted to the affair on Wednesday night after local station KMOV carried out an extensive investigation that centered on a recording obtained from the woman’s ex-husband. The recording, which was reportedly made days after the first sexual encounter between Greitens and the woman, describes the alleged blackmail.

The woman met Greitens when she cut his hair and their relationship quickly progressed, with the governor going so far as to invite her to his house to “talk.”

“He said: ‘I’ll make you feel better. I’ll make you feel good. Come downstairs. I want to show you how to do a proper pull-up.’ And I knew he was being sexual and I still let him. And he used some sort of tape, I don’t know what it was, and taped my hands to these rings and then put a blindfold on me,” the woman says in the recording.

“He stepped back, I saw a flash through the blindfold and he said: ‘you’re never going to mention my name,’ otherwise there will be pictures of me everywhere.”

The woman claimed that Greitens later apologized and said he deleted the picture; they had another sexual encounter later that day. She eventually emailed Greitens and asked him to no longer get his hair cut at her salon so they could both move forward with their lives.

Her ex-husband also told KMOV that Greitens slapped his ex-wife after she asked her if she had slept with anyone since their last encounter and she admitted that had sex with her husband, Talking Points Memo reported.

“My client has asserted that that is what he has been told by his former spouse,” said Al Watkins, a lawyer for the husband. “My client has gone on the record with that statement and I have no reason to believe anything other than the absolute veracity of my client.”

In a statement, Greitens and his wife acknowledged the infidelity and said that “we dealth with this together honestly and privately.”

As for the blackmail claims, Greitens attorney James Bennett said in a statement: “There was no blackmail and that claim is false. This personal matter has been addressed by the Governor and Mrs. Greitens privately years ago when it happened. The outrageous claims of improper conduct regarding these almost three-year-ago events are false.”

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