Eliza Dushku Says Stunt Coordinator Molested Her When She Was 12

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Eliza Dushku took to Facebook early Saturday to pen a sickening account of her victimization at the hands of a top Hollywood stunt coordinator when she was a 12-year-old child actor on the set of “True Lies,” but that person is now pushing back against her claims.

Duskhu named her alleged molester as Joel Kramer, who is now 60 years old but was 36 during the filming of the big-budget action flick that starred Dushku, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jamie Lee Curtis.

She described how Kramer earned the trust of both her and her parents over a period of months before he finally “lured me to his Miami hotel room with a promise to my parent that he would take me for a swim at the stunt crew’s hotel pool and for my first sushi meal thereafter.”

Instead, Dushku alleged, he emerged naked from the bathroom “bearing nothing but a small hand towel held flimsy at his mid-section.”

“I remember how he laid me down on the bed, wrapped me with his gigantic writhing body, and rubbed all over me. He spoke these words: ‘you’re not going to sleep on me now sweetie, stop pretending you’re sleeping,’ as he rubbed harder and faster against my catatonic body.”

When Dushku confided in an adult female friend who later confronted Kramer about the allegations, he began making safety mistakes on set, including one that sent Dushku to the hospital with broken ribs.

For his part, Kramer said he was “flabbergasted” to hear news of Dushku’s claims.

“I don’t know where this comes from,” he told the New York Daily News. “I am absolutely floored, she was a sweet kid I am absolutely in shock right now.”

“I don’t know why she would do this to me. It is not true,” he added. “What person in their right mind would do that to a minor on a film set I’m working on.”

Kramer acknowledged that Dushku did come to the pool at his hotel, but he says the circumstances were much more wholesome: “If I remember correctly she wasn’t that far away, all of us were at one hotel and her and her parents were at another and she came over one afternoon swimming. That was that.”

According to Kramer, the set nurse told him that it was Dushku who had a crush on him, and he was warned to be “really careful around her.”

“I think she has just ruined my career … what’s left of it. I never ever did anything like that to her,” he said.

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