Project Veritas: Twitter Employees Paid To View Your Private Messages

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Undercover journalism outlet Project Veritas has dropped another bombshell video exposing questionable behavior on the part of Twitter. After last week reporting that the social media platform shadow-bans users and downranks pro-Trump posts, Project Veritas is now accusing Twitter of paying employees to sift through people’s most compromising direct messages.

“Everything you send is stored on my server,” says Twitter direct messaging engineer Panay Singh early in the video, his remarks covertly recorded by a Veritas operative. “You can’t [delete it], it’s already on my server now.”

“So all your sex messages and your, like, dick pics are on my server now,” he boasts. “All your illegitimate wives and, like, all the girls you’ve been fucking around with, they are on my server now.”

According to Singh, Twitter combs through private messages in order to obtain more detailed information about its users, which is then sold to the highest bidder – or worse.

“I’m going to send it to your wife, she’s gonna use it in your divorce,” Singh quips. “So what happens is like, when you write stuff or when you post pictures online, they never go away. Like, they’re always on there… Even after you send them, people are, like, analyzing them, to see what you’re interested in, to see what you’re talking about, and they sell that data… Everything. Anything you post online.”

Another Twitter software engineer, Clay Haynes, even goes so far as to suggest that Twitter retains hundreds of employees whose sole purpose is to examine your direct messages.

“There’s teams dedicated to it,” he says. “I mean, we’re talking, we’re talking three or four… at least three or four hundred people… Yes, they’re paid to look at dick pics.”

“I’ve seen way more penises then I’ve ever wanted to see in my life,” Haynes adds. “That’s, yeah… you know, actually… This sounds horrible, but I’m actually glad and fortunate it’s just dicks, it’s just blow job pictures, it’s just that type of stuff.”

Watch the full video below:

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