Man Sends Nude Photos To Woman’s Boss After Break-Up

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A Florida man is facing a slew of charges after he allegedly retaliated against his ex-girlfriend for breaking up with him by uploading nude pictures of the estranged couple to the Facebook page of her employer – a preschool.

30-year-old Giuseppe Garibaldi met the victim on an online dating site back in November, WKMG reported. The two kicked off a friends-with-benefits relationship and slept together about five times.

Unbeknownst to the victim, though, Garibaldi took photos of their hookup. When he began to suspect that she was sleeping with other men and not telling him, he threatened to publicize the nude pictures in an attempt to humiliate her.

Last month, the woman finally told Garibaldi that she did not want to see him anymore; the next day, her car was keyed. She did not report the incident to the police because she could not prove that it was Garibaldi who did it.

Then on Thursday, Garibaldi threatened to come to the victim’s house and demanded to know if she was dating somebody else. He said he would break down the door if she did not let him in.

“This is someone who couldn’t take no for an answer,” said Seminole County Sheriff Office spokesperson Bob Kealing. “This is someone who was told, ‘I want this relationship to be over with’ and he wouldn’t take no for an answer, and then the threats started coming.”

Garibaldi warned the victim that he would send out their intimate photos. Hours later, the victim’s boss received a message on the Facebook page where the victim works containing several pictures and a message that read, “You teacher’s pics and video of your teacher are all over!”

Police were able to quickly identify Garibaldi as the culprit because of a visible tattoo that he forgot to crop out – oops. He was arrested Sunday and charged with multiple misdemeanors related to stalking and cyberstalking, as well as a felony extortion charge.

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