Zipline Operators Hid Tourist’s Body After Accident

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A Spanish woman whose disappearance while on vacation in Peru sparked a massive search throughout the South American country was found when the owner of a zipline attraction admitted to hiding her body after she died while using the ride.

28-year-old Nathaly Salazar made headlines in both her home country and in Peru after she went missing on January 2, Metro reported. She was in south Peru near the Vilcanota-Urubamba river visiting the Incan ruin of Moray and was headed to Cacllaracay region when she opted to go on the zipline instead.

Tourists flock to the Flight of the Condor Zip-line because it is one of the longest in the world and features incredible views of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, which is located near the famous archeological site Machu Picchu.

At some point during the ride, however, Nathaly sustained a head injury. Her plight was allegedly witnessed by both the owner and a worker, one of whom told authorities that she hit her head one a pole while the other said her partner climbed into her basket on the cable, causing it to plummet off the line.

Instead of taking her to seek medical attention, though, the pair dropped her body in a remote part of the river known as Paucarbamba and smashed her cell phone with a rock when it started ringing.

“I can not get it out of my head that they did not take her somewhere, they could have left her at the door of a hospital and left without going in,” her sister, Tamara, said. “If they did not want problems, I think they thought that there would not be much of a stir and no one would really look for her.”

Nathaly’s mother, Alejandra Ayala, last spoke with her daughter on December 31 and recalled that she as “well and happy.” She is staying in the nearby town of Cuzco to assist police in the investigation.

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