Angry Husband Makes False Bomb Threat To Spite Wife

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A British husband grew so miffed that his wife was having a night out on the town while he toiled away at two jobs to support them that he called in a bomb threat to the pub where she was headed, hoping to stop her revelry before it even began.

42-year-old Mo Ahmed confessed to calling in two bomb threats to a pub in Wetherspoon in November and was given a suspended sentence, BBC News reported. The stunt allegedly forced the bar to close early and cost the owners approximately £840 ($1,162) in missed revenue.

Telling his side of the story to the court, Ahmed claimed that he was angry because his wife was out having fun while he was working day and night to keep their household afloat. They had recently opened a gift shop in the hopes of making it big, but extremely poor sales forced Ahmed to take a second job at a restaurant to pay rent and bills.

“He felt annoyed she was spending money while he was having to work away to pay the bills,” the probation report read. “When he learned she was going to Wetherspoons, he was angry and frustrated and wanted to ruin her night.”

“He did not consider the effect it would have on the pub or the emergency services,” the report continued.

Ahmed was ultimately sentenced to six months’ imprisonment, to be suspended for a year. He was also slapped with an order to pay back the £840 that the pub lost because of his antics, and he must perform 120 hours of unpaid community service.

“These calls were bound to be traced because they were made from your own mobile phone,” Judge Geoffrey Mercer told Ahmed. “I am told you are thoroughly ashamed and so you should be. It was a bizarre way of thinking. It was an extraordinary thing to do.”

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