Postal Worker Stole Gift Cards To Buy Sex Toys

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A former postal worker from New York City confessed on Monday to stealing gift cards from the mail and using her purloined profits to purchase sex toys for herself from, tearing through dozens of greeting card envelopes while searching for the goods.

Iesha Conley was busted in December for rifling through other people’s greeting cards in the hopes of nabbing pricy gift cards, the New York Daily News reported. She was working at the United States Postal Service Brooklyn Processing and Distribution Center and was caught on surveillance footage, exposing a scheme that she had carried out since September.

The postal service was first alerted to Conley’s crimes when a customer complained that a greeting card had been opened prior to arriving to its destination. American Express and Bed, Bath & Beyond gift cards that were supposed to be inside the card were missing.

Upon reviewing the tapes, authorities spotted Conley taking a tray filled mail and placing it inside of a black sweater emblazoned with the words: “Got Jesus?”

Investigators got in touch with American Express, who put them on Conley’s trail after confirming that she used one of their gift cards to pay a cable bill. She also purchased sex toys on three separate occasions, dropping a total of $94.68 for her personal items.

At the time, Conley disputed the allegations against her.

“Are you kidding me? It’s alleged,” she told the outlet.

On Monday, however, Conley pleaded guilty to mail theft by a postal service employee and admitted her misdeeds to the judge. She faces a maximum of five years in prison and will be sentenced in April.

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