This Woman Is Sexually Attracted To Tetris

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A 22-year-old woman is so obsessed with the classic puzzle game Tetris that she has changed her name to reflect her passion – and is embarking on an emotional and sexual relationship with the rotating block brain teaser.

Born Noorul Mahjabeen Hassan, she would now like to be called Fractal Tetris Huracan, Metro reported. Fractal spends up to 12 hours per day doing all kinds of Tetris-related activities, her favorite of which is to play it on every electronic device that she owns.

“I’m in love with the game himself and the cartridge is a vessel of presenting him,” Fractal told the hosts of British daily show This Morning. “Love is not something you can explain but it satisfies me and he’s just really beautiful, I find him so attractive.”

Fractal wore a snapback cap emblazoned with a retro-looking Tetris logo and wore a shirt covered in stacking blocks. She even brought her NES cartridge of the game with her on TV because she could not bear to be without it for even a second, or something.

This is not Fractal’s first outing as an objectum sexual, or a person who derives sexual attraction from inanimate objects instead of flesh-and-blood mates. She was once infatuated with a calculator named Pierre, but their relationship ended in September 2016 when Pierre stopped working and Tetris entered her world.

“I thought that Pierre was beautiful and I loved the buttons on him and the trackpad is beautiful, I loved his function,” she gushed.

Ultimately, Fractal says, she plans to enter a lifelong commitment with Tetris.

“The marriage aspect is purely ceremonial,” she acknowledged. “Obviously I can’t literally marry an object. It would just be me having a ceremony with Tetris.”

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