Teen Hangs Herself After Accidentally Confessing That She Cheated

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A British teenager succumbed to suicide after she drafted up a message confessing that she had cheated on her boyfriend – and accidentally sent it to him, instead of the intended recipient, while he was away at college.

17-year-old Charlotte Guy was in an on-and-off long distance relationship with 20-year-old Jack Hurst for two years, Metro reported. Last September, Hurst received a text from Guy stating that she wanted to talk, but he waved it away because he was busy at the time.

“After this she sent me a Snapchat message that was meant for her friend but that she had sent to me instead,” he told police. “The Snapchat referenced her sleeping with someone on Saturday night. She told me that it wasn’t for me, and apologized and said she was a horrible person.”

“She said that she wanted to talk and explain but I said that I didn’t feel like talking and to message me to say what she wanted to say,” Hurst continued.

Guy then sent him a long text message that allegedly made him grow concerned enough to try to call her, but when he did, she did not answer.

“I got another message at 17:13 saying ‘it doesn’t matter. Goodbye. Please forgive me.’ The last message I got from her at 17:14 said: ‘I love you, knowing that you hate me is enough,’” he recalled.

Guy’s parents, Martin and Deborah Guy, revealed that their daughter had a history of self-harm and was referred to mental health treatment. Her father suspected that the text messages she sent to Hurst were simply “for attention” and that she did not know “the severity of what she was doing.”

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