Man Wakes Up To ‘Stunning’ Woman Holding Knives At His Bedside

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Maybe he’s into that? A British man recalled the bittersweet moment when he woke up to an attractive, semi-naked woman standing next to his bed – only to realize that the beautiful visitor was armed and dangerous with some very sharp implements.

Richard Hill, 44, was stirred out of his slumber at 4:00 am last Wednesday by a woman he had never met before, Metro reported. At first blush, the sudden encounter seemed like something out of an adolescent’s dream come true.

“She was stunning, she was in her 20s and wearing just a bra and knickers,” Hill dreamily recalled.

Things took a drastic turn when Hill rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and realized that the woman was armed with not one, not two, but three knives. And a meat fork, for some reason.

“I stood up and got her to hand over the knives,” he said. “I was petrified, but what else can you do?”

Hill recognized the knives as his own and realized that the woman had pilfered them from his kitchen downstairs. He later learned that the intruder had also polished off half a bottle of Jack Daniels as she rifled through his apartment.

Crediting his two decades as a nightclub bouncer, Hill used his experience in dealing with drunken belligerents to calm the woman down until authorities could arrive.

“Police were concerned for the safety of a woman who is reported to have entered a property at around 4:00 am,” a local police spokesman told the outlet. “The woman, aged in her 20s, was detained under the Mental Health Act and taken to hospital for specialist medical care. Nobody is reported to have been injured during the incident.”

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