Quincy Jones Takes Shot at Taylor Swift’s Songwriting Skills

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When it comes to heavyweights in the music industry, it’s hard to beat Quincy Jones. The man has seen and overseen it all so when he’s got an opinion about something, you listen. After all, he’s worked with artists like Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, and Michael Jackson.

Quincy Jones

Amanda Edwards / Contributor

In an interview with GQ, Jones was asked about Taylor Swift and, after making a face “somewhere between disapproval and disdain,” he said, “We need more songs, man. Fucking songs, not hooks.”


When the interviewer pushed back and said that “some people consider her the greatest songwriter of our age,” Quincy Jones laughed and said, “Whatever crumbles your cookie.”

So, what now? Well, let’s see. Normally, if someone insults T Swizzle, she makes a song to get her revenge. Is she going to try to take on a titan like Quincy Jones? She just might be dumb enough to do it.

Get your popcorn ready, folks.

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