Who (or What) Killed Margay Edwards?

Who (or What) Killed Margay Edwards?

A 27-year-old woman from Los Osos, California was found dead in a desert in Nevada. Margay Edwards’ body was discovered by a pair of ATV riders about a week ago. However, police are baffled. Why was she in Nevada? Who … More »

Learn More About America's First Ebola Victim

Learn More About America’s First Ebola Victim

The first person to be diagnosed with the Ebola virus on American soil has been identified as Thomas Eric Duncan. He’s a citizen of Liberia from the city of Monrovia. He was reportedly in Dallas, Texas visiting his sister. There is also … More »

Never Overinflate a Basketball: Here's Why

Never Overinflate a Basketball: Here’s Why

After the first dribble, everything looked to be in order. Sure, the basketball seemed to have more air than usual — but it seemed relatively minor. But soon, everyone in this video learned a very important lesson: Never overinflate a … More »