Don't Eat Those Berries!

Don’t Eat Those Berries!

Health officials have linked an outbreak of hepatitis A to a frozen berry and pomegranate mix sold in recent months. At least 30 people over five different states — California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado — have fallen ill. … More »

Cool Father's Day Gifts: Vintage Baseball

Cool Father’s Day Gifts: Vintage Baseball

Is your dad a baseball nut? Consider giving him a totally cool vintage baseball. We aren’t talking about one you pay a fortune for and aren’t even sure it’s real. We are talking about this inexpensive yet unique one from … More »

Mallory Keaton Goes Back to School

Mallory Keaton Goes Back to School

You probably know Justine Bateman best as Mallory Keaton from Family Ties — the popular 80s sicom starring Michael J. Fox. Justine has pretty much retired from acting and now she’s gone back to school. At age 47, the mother … More »

Are You a Mama's Boy?

Are You a Mama’s Boy?

I dated this guy once who was very publicly affectionate on Facebook and Instagram about his relationship with his mother. He was super family-oriented, and I really dug that, as I feel a tight-knit bond with my blood, as well. … More »

Pet-Friendly Fun in Florida's Paradise Coast

Pet-Friendly Fun in Florida’s Paradise Coast

If you are traveling to Florida’s Paradise Coast, bring along your pet. You can find so many pet-friendly places in Naples, Marco Island and other top spots –  from restaurants to resorts… and even the farmer’s market. Shopping for your … More »

Summer Travel: Florida’s Paradise Coast

Summer Travel: Florida’s Paradise Coast

This article begins our series about summer travel. We’ll be highlighting a ton of cool places to go this summer — both in the U.S. and abroad. Whether you are looking for a vacation spot to travel with your buddies, … More »

Are You as Tough as Seagal?

Are You as Tough as Seagal?

Every guy loves a good Steven Seagal movie, right? In celebration of the Steven Seagal movie Deadly Crossing (which hits Redbox on May 14) they’ve created the “Are You as Tough as Seagal?” contest. How it works is you simply … More »