The Best Stadiums in College Football

The Best Stadiums in College Football

College football season is upon us. Of course you probably think your alma mater is the best place to watch a game. But let’s get real… there are some incredible places to watch college football all around the country. So … More »

Joe Montana's Son Gets Arrested

Joe Montana’s Son Gets Arrested

Being Joe Montana’s son can’t be easy. Being Joe Montana’s son while enrolled at Notre Dame is definitely not easy. For that reason, you have to feel a bit sorry for Nate Montana after he was one of 44 people … More »

Notre Dame's Clause Called Phony

Notre Dame’s Clause Called Phony

I haven’t been exactly nice when talking about Jimmy Clausen in the past. I don’t think he’s a horrible player, but I do think that he’s arrogant for no reason. Jimmy Clausen’s biggest fan is Jimmy Clausen. I’m not the … More »