Michael Phelps Headed to Rio

Michael Phelps Headed to Rio

On Wednesday, Michael Phelps became the first male swimmer to qualify for five Olympics with a victory in the 200-meter butterfly at the US swimming trials. The most decorated athlete in Olympic history is now bound for Rio. Phelps seems … More »

Don't Ever Listen to Stephen A. Smith

Don’t Ever Listen to Stephen A. Smith

Sports commentators make predictions before any major sporting event. And they are often right… except for Stephen A. Smith. In the last six years, he’s predicted the outcome of the NBA Finals correctly a total of zero times. Not exactly … More »

James Harden Wins MVP... for Shaqtin' a Fool

James Harden Wins MVP… for Shaqtin’ a Fool

Who’s the biggest fool in the NBA? That would be James Harden. Harden was named the 2015-16 Shaqtin’ a Fool MVP by Shaquille O’Neal. Watch the highlights and check out what other players around the league think about the honor.