Deicide: Feasting The Legion Upon The Cross

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deicide.jpgBack in my “God Hating” days I used to like Deicide. I used to like the growling vocals of death metal and Glen Benton can growl it up with the best of them. Another (Yes another) Florida based death metal band, Deicide formed in the late 80′s as Carnage and soon after Benton joined the band the name was changed to Amon. Roadrunner records forced them to once again change the name due to legalities in lyrical content similarity in a King Diamond song so hence the name Deiced was formed.

Amon: Feating the Beast is a compilation of early demos from the band and is a really good CD considering the method of recording that was used. Lunatic of God’s Creation is the best song on this CD in my opinion.

Legion, the second record released as Deicide. Filled with the usual anti-christian lyrics and Satanic overtone…honestly I don’t know why I bought this back then.

Oh now I remember…yeah, my god hating days, which leads me into Once Upon The Cross. When I saw the cover I was I was in love. The body of “Christ” blasphemously mutilated autopsy style and covered with a bloody sheet. The lyrical content of this hold some truth to the problems within the Christian world, such as molestation by priests and other corrupt sectors of the Christian religion. No organized religion is perfect and everything has it’s flaws. Honestly, how many times can you write an album about the same thing over and over. Ok, Glen. You hate God and love Satan…we get the picture.

Announced earlier this year, Deicide are on hiatus…does anyone really care?

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