Yvan Attal – Prison Break Season 4

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Update: Read all the latest updates, spoilers, and information on Prison Break Season 4 here! And don’t forget to check out our 50 Points on Prison Break Season 4, that covers the different plotlines and character updates that we hope season 4 will cover.

Yvan Attal is currently thinking about a role in Prison Break Season 4. He has been approached by Brett Ratner, executive producer for Prison Break. The pair met when filming Rush Hour 3.

Yvan (born in 1965) is an Israeli born French actor who grew up in the Paris suburbs. He won a Most Promising Actor award on his 1989 acting debut. He most notably played in “The Interpreted” and in “Rush Hour 3″, as well as a small role in “Munich”.

Thanks to Florian for the info!!

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