Will There Be a Musical Version of House?

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Hugh LaurieTV Squad reported recently that the cast members of House are hoping that when the writers come back from strike they’ll pen an episode of House as a musical. After all, All of the original castmembers have musical experience and it’s possible that the three new members have musical abilities too. (Thanks to Patrick for the tip!)

Here are the things they list as mucial experience for House cast members:

  • Lisa Edelstein authored, composed and performed in the AIDS-related musical Positive Me.
  • Omar Epps was a member of a rap group called Wolfpak and was a back-up dancer for Queen Latifah.
  • Hugh Laurie performs as part of Band From TV, and he plays piano.
  • Jennifer Morrison did musical theater, played clarinet in her high school’s marching and symphonic bands and sang in the choir.
  • Robert Sean Leonard performed on Broadway.
  • Jesse Spencer performs as part of Band From TV, sang a song on the Uptown Girls’ soundtrack, was in an Australian boys choir and plays violin, guitar, bass and the piano.

Would you want to see one episode of House become a musical? Do you think it’s a dumb idea? Leave a comment to share your thoughts!

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